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Very tame and friendlyTracy and I have been involved in farming and our rural community all our lives. Our carefully home-bred goats range freely and enjoy hay from our own fields and a high quality mix.

All the goats are born and bred on our smallholding and we can assure top quality meat and complete traceability.

We currently have a herd of 8 100% boer females and 1 billy for the rutting season September 2012.

We produce our own milk which can be purchased by the pint.


We also have 6 Anglo-Nubian females to cross with our boer billy, the billy kids are mainly used for delicious kid meat and the females are kept for registered stock and sold on. These goats also make excellent pets as they are well known for their kind, gentle nature with children.


  • register all our boer stock with the British boer goat society BBGS
  • rotate all our animals on pasture regularly
  • worm every 6-8 weeks through the year and vaccinate twice a year with lambivac
  • bring all our goats in during the winter months as they much prefer to be in a warm barn than outside in the wet weather
  • give them all the goats names and they are treated as part of the family as are all of our animals

Our Goat Meat

Goat meat is lower in total fat and cholesterol, but it is also lower in saturated fats than traditional meats. Cuts taken from goats have a fat content 50%-65% lower than similarly prepared beef (but with a similar protein content) and between 42%-59% less fat than lamb and have about the same fat to 25% lower than veal. In addition, the percentage of saturated fat in goat meat is 40% less than chicken (without the skin) and is far below beef, pork and lamb by 850, 1100, and 900%, respectively (U.S.D.A. 1981, 1989).

It is just about the best meat a human can eat and once you have tried it we are sure that you will eat it regularly.

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